“The whole is greater than sum of its parts.” Aristotales
“The only journey from which you do not always come back empty-handed is the journey inside yourself.” Amos Oz
“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein
“Without a well prepared plan, success can not be obtained in a war.” Napoleon Bonaparte
“Unity is strength.” Aesop
“Do not hang about, do not delay and do not give up…” Ali Fuat Başgil

What is Different?

  • Integral approach  that covers all dimensions of leadership
  • Program design  that stimulates and triggers the leadership potential
  • Competency development oriented methodology
  • Activities  that create awareness and make difference
  • Practical and useful tools  easy to implement to daily life
  • Intimate atmosphere  that deepens and enriches learning
  • Follow up projects that support the learning process  out of class
  • The team  full of experience and expertise


  • What Kind of a Program Is This?

    ILP (Integral Leadership Program) is specially designed for managers of all levels of organizations and the potentials of management positions to actualize their leadership potential. .

    It is a long term transformative and awareness based program.

    It does not realy on the usual “teacher-student” approach and it is not a program where only theories are shared.

  • Why We’ve Developed Such a Program?

    Short-term leadership trainings can refer to only some particular topics and because of this they cannot encompass all the dimensions of leadership so they leave untouched areas behind.

    Current trainings generally give great importance to transferring knowledge instead of developing competencies and changing behaviors.

    Getting trainings from several trainers and training institutions reveals an eclectic structure and as expected, this method most likely creates inconsistencies in the minds during the leadership development process.

    Why Should a Manager Participate in ILP Program?

    Holistic, encompassing and integrated

    Based on “experience” instead of "telling"

    Competency oriented

    Develops knowledge, skills and experience

    Realistic and concrete

    Directed to job and business world

    Provides practical tools for both work and life

    Built on a strong theoretical ground

    Conducted by an experienced team which includes academics and business professionals

  • How Has The Program Been Developed?

    ILP has been developed by a team which includes academics, trainers, consultants, coaches and top level professionals that have rich management/leadership experiences from different perspectives of business life.

    How to Implement?

    The program is composed of 5 modules.

    For maximum benefit, we suggest to implement the modules according to the given orders below which is formed by our experiences.

    We always review and revise the content after taking into account the specific needs of the organization and the participants.

    In addition, each module can be presented independently to meet the specific needs of the organization.

  • When Did The Program Develop?

    After an intensive research and development period in the years 2008 and 2009

    The first execution of the program took place at the end of 2009

    How Long Does The Program Take?

    We recommend a 12 day program that spreads over one year. In accordance with the needs of the organization, the implementation days of the program may vary.

    It is possible to implement anyone of the modules independently. In this case, implementing of each module takes 3 days.

  • Who Developed and Develops the Program?

    ILP has been developed by a team which includes academics, trainers, consultants, coaches and top level professionals

    under the leadership of "Dr. Hüseyin Çırpan"

    and the umbrella of “Eflatun Training, Consultancy and Coaching”

    Who is The Program for?

    ILP – Board (for Board of Directors and Executive Committees)

    ILP – Executive (for Top and Senior Management)

    ILP – Manager (for Mid Level Management)

    ILP – First Level (for First Level Management)

    ILP – Talent (for Management Potentials)

    - Scope, design, contents and method of the program differ for each level and also we revise the program according to the organizational realities and the organization’s specifications.

Program Modules

  • In this module, we primarily focus on the modern leadership and management theories and current management issues in the business world. And then on this ground, we define the ideal leadership profile and leadership approach which is applicable and needed for today’s and future’s organizations. In addition to this comprehensive introduction, in accordance with the well-known ancient saying "Know Thyself", an inventory is implemented to the participants to define their dominant and recessive sides while leading. Furthermore the participants work on their "Leadership Manifestos" at the first step of this long term program.

    The Topics:

    Leadership Concept

    Business Dilemmas of a Leader

    Integral Leadership Model

    Purposes and Values ​​in Leadership

    Principle Centered Leadership

    Authentic Leadership

  • In the complex structures, distributing the resources in an efficient way and using them in the right place are closely related to obtaining right knowledge, making proper analysis and thereby arriving at right decisions. To understand the relations among the business functions and to ensure operational efficiency are only possible with analyzing the data correctly. For this reason, to get the right information, find the root causes of the problems and think in the right way will be discussed in this module.

    The Topics:

    Analytical and Systematic Thought

    Data Collection and Analyzing Methods

    Planning and Process Management

    Organization and Controlling Methods

    Decision Making Techniques

  • Now, we all know very well, present environmental conditions are "VUCA" which means Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. In such an environment, a leader looks to the scene that everyone looks, but sees different things from the others. Flexibility, curiosity and openness are main characteristics that make him to be able to do this. And besides these main characteristics, a leader should come out of box he is in and figure out the direction the world evolves. After that he should dream the future of his organization and direct the needed transformation.

    The Topics:

    Systems Thinking

    Seeing the Big Picture

    Strategic Management

    Innovation and Creativity

    Out of Box Thinking

  • What the relations between the organs in our body for the health of an individual mean; they have the same meaning for the organizations, too. The truth is that relations generally define whether one is a leader or not. In this module, we approach to relations from a different perspective and this perspective will serve not only to business relations, but also all kind of relations that a human being can have in his whole life.

    The Topics:

    Relationship Dynamics

    Team Building and Development

    Effective Communication and Persuasion

    Coaching Approach in Management

    Subordinate Development

  • This module begins where words end. In short, "Knowing is not enough; leader is the one who does.” For doing; decisiveness, discipline, challenge, risk taking and courage are very important. Our motto: "Come on, unfurl the sails".

    The Topics:

    Overcoming Inertia

    Result and Solution Oriented

    Self Discipline

    Motivating the Others

    Performance Improvement

What Did They Say?
  • “Thank you for giving knowledge and excitement to our team and adding ones to us we have already inside. Your sharing will always be remembered in Solmaz Group.”
    Solmaz Ailesi
  • “It’s always said “I watched a film or I read a book and my life has changed.” I never felt like this until I got this program. Yes, I participated to a training program and my life has changed.”
    Erhan Çetinbağ
  • “I strongly advise this program to the ones who want to be a leader and develop him/herself. This is a good program that proves that the change begins first from ourselves.”
    Savaş Uzun
  • “I didn’t even imagine that the program would be that comprehensive and make me think deeply. I met another “Pınar” in every module and made different loadings to myself. I think this is a training program that everyone should participate. I’m going now as a different “Pınar” in February 2013 than I came in December 2011.”
    Pınar Hatipler
  • “Every module has different color, smell, and atmosphere. I realized that we had taken every scent, had been painted by any color, and had breathed all air when I looked at all. You became a compass to us with your knowledge, experience, sincerity and depth.”
    Nazlı Aydın
  • “Such kind of a program could have been so much fun. Those were the days I will never forget. “
    Önder Erdem
  • “I will be rude if I start saying Integral Leadership Program Leadership to “me”. Because it has developed both me and people around me. Think about that I take the program but dozens of people see the benefits. This program activated the parts not functioning in my mind.”
    Mustafa Ağca
  • “I had really fun from the beginning to the end. Everything you gave us during the program were golden rules that made us be aware of details hidden in our life and manage our life.”
    Yavuz Çeşmeci
  • “I’m 43 years old. I have been working professionally for 25 years. I worked in many national and international firms. I had trainings in different topics. Among these trainings, this was the one developed me, my family and my work life.”
    Altuğ Yeşilbaş
  • “It is extraordinary. An useful, friendly and absorbing process. It makes you feel good and discover.”
    Berna Ulusoy
  • “Firstly, I really feel that I’m lucky to meet you. I began without knowing what the program would bring to me. It was like a therapy first and I learned then it was the life itself. I wish I had a chance to take it once more.”
    Mustafa Kattaş
  • “I thought that this program would be such a classical training when it was announced. But this is very different from the trainings that I have had so far. It is proactive and satisfying. It’s also a process that can change the way of your life.”
    Asıl Sayılır
  • “This was the most useful training I’ve ever had. I wish I got it before. It wasn’t effective not only in my work life, but in my whole life. I think that it should be put into curriculum in schools.”
    Filiz Erdem
  • “During my work life, I had different trainings. Of course, each one developed my career and my private life. But this program would be that I will never forget with its different format and lasting effect.”
    Mesut Takıcı
  • “I have changed myself so much when I was in program that people around me realized it. The responses I got were positive. It’s very important for me. I really become happy when I do the things I learned.”
    Nurgül Çokokur
  • “There were things I know about myself. At the end of the program, firstly I realized them, secondly you enabled me to discover who I want to be, thirdly and the most importantly you showed how to achieve it.”
    Hüseyin Doğan
  • “In this program, there is no saying like “do this”, “this is true” or “this is false”. Everyone finds the true or false by him/herself. You decide what to do or not to do. It’s very different from other trainings I had. Others are similar, monotonous, and repetitive. There is no repetition in this program, there is only “You”.
    Nurten Dönmez
  • “There was a “me” in the middle of program and another “ME” at the end of it. That’s why this program is SUPEEERR!”
    Lütfiye Müsellimoğlu
  • “I’m really happy to have this program that create bonds among twenty people who don’t know each other and makes us break our chains.”
    Mehmet Özak
  • “Thank you for giving the most different, elite, and pleasant training I’ve ever had in my life.”
    Mustafa Emrah Ayla
  • “Thank you so much for reminding me again and again that I can achieve what I believe.”
    Nilgün Mındız
  • “Program leaders were highly qualifies in the process. More importantly, they all were really eager and curious to understand us, but not manage. Thank you.”
    Çiğdem Pınarbaşı



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